Short Story

Thirsty waters

My head was heavy, i can’t breathe easily & everything looked blurred. A fade impression of a man standing in front with an old book in his hands and was about to flip the page he seemed to be reading. I think my head was also hurting. I wanted to speak to check my energy level but all in vain i can’t make the words to flow out of my mouth. I was desperate to speak and convey my massage, but nothing helped me to accomplish it. Therefore i was laying on the bed like a passive spectator, and i started to accept it.
As i lay there trying to have a clear view since limb movement was not possible. I made myself to focus on the blurred image, slowly i began to realise the situation. Actually according to my perception i was lying on the bed, the door fanlight had some number written in the middle. The white surroundings made me realise that i was admitted in a hospital. I can’t remember the cause for which i was lying there. Feeling tired of focusing on things my eyes slowly were closing and my conscious mind was also shutting down.
Again the flipping sound of the pages woke me up, this time book was being searched for something really urgent. Suddenly the whole image of Man carrying the book appeared to enlarge as it seemed he was approaching me. He opened up with a question, ‘what happened after that?’ as i was in no condition to answer it, i simply moved the eyebrows up to show my plight. It looked he was desperate to get the answer he repeated the question again and again getting no response in the reply. He opened his wallet and showed me his identity card as he may have presumed me deaf. He was pointing towards his name written on the front side of his i card. I can’t understand why he was doing so but after a little while when i keenly observed his name the last name seemed like Smith.
I wanted to see his face clearly, caress his skin and hug him tight cause i missed him very much. I loved him more than my life but the fate had some other plans.
He had been to foreign country for as long as 9 years well settled with his happy family. His mother and i used to live here but about two years before she also died in a road accident. I maintained a diary all these years and his enquiry seemed to be related with that incident which i have not mentioned in the diary. After that i never dwelled in the house that her mother and i used to live in. I roamed everywhere and sheltered myself at public places and churches. After going abroad he never contacted his mother or me and now i don’t know why he has come.
He came forward and seated himself on a stool and held my hand, ‘i came here because someone called me to convey the message that one of my relatives is serious and is admitted in the hospital for essential treatment. Father, i was never good in decision making, i succeeded in every field of life, but i failed to keep my promise to return and live with my parents, i never called you people that you might not ask for me to return. But you kept your promise by not calling me unless notified about my leisure. I’m sorry for not keeping my promise I’m sorry’.
I wanted to hug him tight as tears rolled down my cheek. Seeing this my son hugged me tight but then something happened and i felt light every burden seemed to vanish, vision was clear ever no blur at all. Someone was waiting at the door oh yes! She was Jenna dressed in her ever beautiful wedding gown offered her arm to accompany her to the church for our wedding i think so. We both looked at Mike for the last time who was holding my diary with his phone number a its first page.