There was an epic battle fought between me and myself, and ironically I lost-neither me nor myself. I had given up on belief, belief that love is a part of life. Yeah! I was wrong, love is life. The phantom just swirled in my constitutional, my eyes went drooling. The fact was, I had lost it. After a long walk with the untidy thoughts, at last I had given up. Don’t tell me, you need to be patient. I don’t want to, I’m a rebel and I don’t care about the outcome. I’m just happy keeping the revolution sparked inside me. The sociopath inside me had born with a profound identity. You know what, I’m gasping my last breath, but with this hauling intake, I’m becoming a sniffer, the locator and destroyer of joys. Your joy is what I’m going to trample. My admonitions are ardent, so is my conviction. You need to be awestruck with fierce fear. You need to run, because the hellfire has just crossed the dungeons of pious. The feeble minded have left, and you need to pack. What made me? You will never understand, but the artifacts of your destruction will reveal your devastating end.
The secluded ones, the sulking devils are waiting to get resususitated. They know I have come to their rescue, they have a belief in their god and I lost in mine, actually I am the god now. The forests are kneeling for their master to arrive and here I come thundering into the woods of profanity. My eyes are cold, they hold no love, the power in me echoes my passion; the passion to control my destiny, the destiny of the emaciated weiners. If they don’t know me, I let them a chance to know, but that ain’t healthy for them. They will get tossed in the clouds of desperation by my powerful synergies of evil. They will taste the death, the taste they have to remember, their graves will ooze out the pain they endured-my experiments of destruction. For those who come along stay with me, behold my greatness, you will prosper under my magnanimous shadow. Let me in your belief, make me the guardian of your thoughts, make me your savior. Don’t ask where I came from? There ain’t any answer, I’m a god, I was here before the time.


Make a run

Hey you! Just make a run
World is cruel, make a run
Smiles you see, they will vanish
Just listen to me, make a run
Don’t wait for them to change
Secrets they hide make you change
Pack the bags, make a run
Screams you hear is the real fun
Masochists are calling you in
Blood you see they spill for none
Just listen to me make a run
They call it war but it ain’t one
Just listen to me make a run
For the God’s sake they change but once
God they see wielding a gun
Just listen to me make a run

Just let me drown

I’m drowning, let me drown
The water is murky, let me drown
Just leave my hand, let me drown
Just hate me once, Just take me down
The subtle tears furrowing my cheeks
These silent lips just make me frown
Essence of life came to life
Sun just shone from your smile
Messy my feelings the calmer I act
Spirit of life just plummeting down
No to God, enough of you
I’m not doing this henious crime
Birds are chirping one at a time
Maybe they feel serpent is clown
The fake smile I wear like crown

The cry

I don’t cry, why? I don’t know, should I? Maybe it will make them happy. They don’t give a damn, I guess, listen! You have to repent some day–when the voices will thunder over my concealed coffin, when I will be a loser no more, the hero they had waited for, they will shoulder my weight with pride and honour shall sprawl over my streak. They will know me then, not a coward, a fighter they feared. My story is short not that short to vanish like you would, it would stay more than your life in the hearts of those, for whom I have fought against the tyrant. Don’t laugh just look me in the eye, see the storm brewing, the birth of rebellion. Just be there when they prepare me for the journey, feel the aura of emotions, you will drown in that sea, you tormenting soul will escape with the crowd, the look on your face will make your mother frown. Just leave the place and save your filthy life.



‘I don’t borrow your opinions, I don’t care what you think, I don’t need your empathy, I don’t need your compassion, I don’t need you pretend to love me, just tell me how much you hate me, you hate my soul, I don’t care, I got none. I’m not you, I’m a loser so be it, but you also ain’t a winner. We are both here, I accept the fact and you make an excuse to nudge it under the carpet. We are criminals but I know my crime is fearlessness and your crime is a sin. But you know one thing you are my blood, you are my brother, I may not be as sophisticated as you are, but at the end of the day we will be dining on the same table, maybe sharing the same amount of love to our mother, but let me tell you I will not try to fit myself in your shoe. Let me make it clear I am protesting and will continue to protest against you and your ideology’, my first mail to him after I left the dining table that day.