There was an epic battle fought between me and myself, and ironically I lost-neither me nor myself. I had given up on belief, belief that love is a part of life. Yeah! I was wrong, love is life. The phantom just swirled in my constitutional, my eyes went drooling. The fact was, I had lost it. After a long walk with the untidy thoughts, at last I had given up. Don’t tell me, you need to be patient. I don’t want to, I’m a rebel and I don’t care about the outcome. I’m just happy keeping the revolution sparked inside me. The sociopath inside me had born with a profound identity. You know what, I’m gasping my last breath, but with this hauling intake, I’m becoming a sniffer, the locator and destroyer of joys. Your joy is what I’m going to trample. My admonitions are ardent, so is my conviction. You need to be awestruck with fierce fear. You need to run, because the hellfire has just crossed the dungeons of pious. The feeble minded have left, and you need to pack. What made me? You will never understand, but the artifacts of your destruction will reveal your devastating end.
The secluded ones, the sulking devils are waiting to get resususitated. They know I have come to their rescue, they have a belief in their god and I lost in mine, actually I am the god now. The forests are kneeling for their master to arrive and here I come thundering into the woods of profanity. My eyes are cold, they hold no love, the power in me echoes my passion; the passion to control my destiny, the destiny of the emaciated weiners. If they don’t know me, I let them a chance to know, but that ain’t healthy for them. They will get tossed in the clouds of desperation by my powerful synergies of evil. They will taste the death, the taste they have to remember, their graves will ooze out the pain they endured-my experiments of destruction. For those who come along stay with me, behold my greatness, you will prosper under my magnanimous shadow. Let me in your belief, make me the guardian of your thoughts, make me your savior. Don’t ask where I came from? There ain’t any answer, I’m a god, I was here before the time.

By aamerbasher

Aamir Bashir is a Romance fiction writer. He has been writing for a while. Her Choice to Love is his first book.

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