The freedom song

My hopeful days die with night
The night that fires the hearts alight
The hearts that crave for the calming sun
The sun which fails to brings the light
My home, in which the tests are done
In the nude, fiery and glittering sun
My blood is soaked on muzzle of gun
My sister, my brother would take a flight
Is what you think as they don’t fight
But wrong are you whose belief is frail
The streets will flood with the people’s rain
Cause right is freedom not the might
I have a hope we still can fight
The fight to end the game of fright
Dreaded we are with a slight cowardice
But I have a hope we still can fight
I have a hope we still can fight
Stifling the breath of a saner mind
Mind of you is fuzzy and senile
The reason you know why we smile
We feel the moment that blinds your sight
And I have a hope we still can fight
The vintage of choice was creation of you
The shroud of disguise it was all you
Your promise to elect was sun of a night
Your tongue was sly, smutty your sight
Words in your mouth wavered like a kite
Deception of making our future more bright
You jailed your friend and made him docile
The people of whom cursed him a while
You made the king the member of court
My land was filled with the alien pile
Uniform of whom frightened my soul
Songs of tyranny they crooned with goal
My brother who left in the darkness slate
Was gone forever or draped in white ornate
My mother waited for her groom to come
She cried in pang her cries reached none
The butchery thrived in relentless red
Lives were lived in the company of dead
We build the houses named them graves
Cause occupation grew on the morsels of dead
We came to know a lie was what he said
To the sea of people in the square of red
To the innocent souls waiting for bread
The bread that came with a price to pay
A hefty sum of blood we still can’t repay
World is concerned why economy is tight?
Blacks are trampled by stupid white
He is still threat to enormous and slight
Is what they think of my body in white
Though my hopeful day dies with night
But still I have a hope we still can fight