I love her to death

She saw me with her teary eyes
I couldn’t wipe it, she is not her
It makes me sad to see us apart
But what the world wants it fulfills
There is no place on heaven to shed tears
But there is death, I told her to die with me
She smiled and said, she is already dead
I undressed my soul to take a jump
I realised, it is hell, and she is there
I jumped in hell to be with her
And here I am like a sinner of time
Here she is like a collaborator of my sin
We are sinners, punish us, but make sure
You don’t destroy my eyes, cause I wanna see
I wanna see her die again in my arms

By aamerbasher

Aamir Bashir is a Romance fiction writer. He has been writing for a while. Her Choice to Love is his first book.

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