Bleak! Beautiful! Deceptive!

In the bleak evening of winter
In the shadow of my own soul
I stared out of the window
Into the infinite white of snow
A bird fluttered in the waving snowflakes
It was whizzing whistling the chinar
The home he had made for past times
In his nest the snow had balled
He stayed at the branch looking for shelter
In the home nearby there lay some youngs
He whistled and lay there in the thatch
Making the dwellers his family at once
But the summer came and it flew away
Breaking the family he called in cold
It went across the lush greens of summer
Forgetting everything in the search of life
Life, it never was lived
Just its shadow, it always followed
Bleak, beautiful and deceptive.

By aamerbasher

Aamir Bashir is a Romance fiction writer. He has been writing for a while. Her Choice to Love is his first book.

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