Tears are sold in the bazaar of love
Tears that flow without asking for permission
They are the token of relentless love.
No heart is pure to shed these tears
No heart is smutty to forget these
There is a connection
In the midst of lovelessness
Joining the two ends of love
The taker and the giver end
Choice is yours to tug which one
The taker inhales content but exhales soul
The giver let’s you into the ocean of love
The ocean made of tears of purity
The heat of purity decides the fates
The fates of drowned as well as crossed
Once these drops of pearl are sold
They loose their purity and character to judge
Let these tears flow in the abyss of nights
Let your soul awake to the dawn of love
But keep it in mind also
Tears are sold in the bazaar of love