In the sick-sweet smell of honesty
I have held the flag of indecency
In the parturition of only righteous
I have delivered demons of all time
In the illuminated palaces of precision
I have sent the sifting devils of fury
Of all the things you have made with order
I’m going to induce a cumulative disorder
When you have the power to challenge me
Come over on the top
Raise your voice and talk me to the eye
You have no power, no life to do it
As you are the slaves of your own rules


The Mountain

I return to the mountain where guilt is interred
My soul flutters for the one last time
I hope it leaves without a pagan cry
I hope there is belief left in it
I hope the darkness hasn’t darkened it
Well, there is a pack of wolves
Who howl in the ears of guilty
Making them feel it before leaving it
But I ain’t one of them
I bury my guilt in the shroud of silence
I want this silence to shield my sins
But this damn silence
It is a cry within
It is the silence of infidelity
I know, you know, but don’t tell the world
I’ll return to the mountain where guilt is interred


The Ravine

There is a ravine between hell and heaven
The no man’s land, my land
You’ll find me there
Suffering till the suffering dies
I don’t cry; I cried
I shed my tears in the nothingness of world
I cried in the dark humid and sunny days
I cried where no one heard me, only birds
I cried to reach my heart, there is none
Now, why should I?
I see no meaning
I suffer with indifference
I prefer to die alone, again
I don’t want mercy
I have had a lot
There in the ravine, you’ll find my soul
Just see how it suffers the pain


The hope

In the dark nights of despair
Hope comes to deceive me once more
I ain’t a soul to deceive
I know the rains come without invites
I know there is no such word as success
It is life as it is
It is just as it is
It is my pen and the relentless pain
It is my soul and the bloody world
It is just me against hope
There is no such thing as happiness
It is myth woven by fools
It is just suffering or numbness
It is just a journey you have to take
It is just darkness filled with some lies
The great lie of satisfaction told to morons
There is nothing as fulfilment
There is only pain that keeps you going
To keep you alive
To keep you breathing
If you wanna live, embrace it
And realise what life is
Sweet mix of pain and no pain
In the dark nights of despair
Hope comes to deceive me again
It doesn’t no I’m an unbeliever


The bird

The bird on my window is a friend of mine He comes and chirps to listen to my voice In the dark, voluptuous and stifling night He carries with him a …

The bird

The bird

The bird on my window is a friend of mine

He comes and chirps to listen to my voice

In the dark, voluptuous and stifling night

He carries with him a news from home

The grass is fucking green, he always lies

Listening to my answer he groans a while

But he is there to listen to my voice

The houses are shattered, the souls are torn

He knows all that but still, he always lies

On the night, when I try to loose it

He comes chirping the songs of spring

Trying to wake me and keep me alive

But sly is he with his god damn lies

The messenger of hope with a bill fine

But sly is he with his god damn lies

The hope is a disease that takes lives

In the spiteful wait of peaceful times

On the shards of glass I drain my soul

I see myself as a carrier of hope

I may not talk well to the bird

But deep inside I know it all

The bird is my soul wandering the meadows

Returning to my body to get back there

Where there is life hidden under the grass

The graves of my people waiting for peace

The peace will return I say to bird

The bird is happy so am I

The bird sings the song of freedom at last

I rest my head against the shards of glass

Feeling the blood drain out of me


My First Webnovel


Death of life

Death comes to those who live
The living dead, how can they?
Why will they?
Living dead die daily in herds
But lively people rarely die
Question me about life
I’m too dead to answer
I can’t die, how can I?
Why shall I?
Just keep me in your mind
When you see them, tell them
To resuscitate me
As I can’t
Cause I’m dead among deads
I ain’t dead like you.
I know, I feel, I just can’t tell
And I’m in the morgue of breathing heaps
My tongue is sealed like my mind
But I know one thing.
Death comes to those who live



Tears are sold in the bazaar of love
Tears that flow without asking for permission
They are the token of relentless love.
No heart is pure to shed these tears
No heart is smutty to forget these
There is a connection
In the midst of lovelessness
Joining the two ends of love
The taker and the giver end
Choice is yours to tug which one
The taker inhales content but exhales soul
The giver let’s you into the ocean of love
The ocean made of tears of purity
The heat of purity decides the fates
The fates of drowned as well as crossed
Once these drops of pearl are sold
They loose their purity and character to judge
Let these tears flow in the abyss of nights
Let your soul awake to the dawn of love
But keep it in mind also
Tears are sold in the bazaar of love


Walk the road without a baggage

Walk the road without baggage
Don’t look back at what you left
Happiness is a myth
Don’t fall for it
If you fall, it ain’t a ditch
It is an abyss of relentless hunger
Thirst never quenched
There is a road to find yourself
Walk the road without baggage.
Baggages are filled with promises of future
No future, just accept it
Walk, walk, and walk until you trudge
Trudge till you fall and accept the reality
Falling is the destination of lovers
The lovers fall in the ocean of love
Ocean, unmeasured, fathomed by none
Plunge with no intention to come back
Cause intentions reveal the deeds
Fears, forebodings, all are washed away
The ocean of love is the end of the road
Walk the road without baggage.